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Woundtrack Advanced Wound Analytics.

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WoundTrack Advantages Over Traditional Wound Care Management Systems

Automatic measurement of any shape wounds (length, width and area)

Visual tracking of wound progress and status in real-time

Secure HIPAA compliant Google enterprise cloud servers

Accurate and consistent digital measurement of wounds

Professional wound analytics report printout in full color

Simplified updating and monitoring of wound treatment

Definitive assessment parameters for all wound types

Mobile app simplifies assessment at the point of care

Advanced wound analytics and outcomes monitoring

Can be integrated with home health EMR/EHR

Save Time, Save Money, Get Better at Wound Care Management

Reduce your wound care cost with easy-to-use, real-time wound tracking technology.

Promote evidence-based approach treatment options using advanced wound analytics.

Engage your clinicians to simple, accurate and consistent wound assessment and documentation.

Provide your agency with key elements in developing an effective wound care program under PDGM

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Woundtrack Mobile Application

For accessibility and convenience, Woundtrack is integrated with a mobile application that allows your clinicians to perform wound assessment as good as the web application. All data are stored in HIPAA compliant Google Cloud servers.

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A platform with a competent set of tool that redefine wound assessment and wound analytics.

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